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BAODING POWER TRADING CO., LTD is a company based in Xiongan new zone(????)Company registered and was founded on Xiongan new zone.
Our company focus on providing agent services of marketing, importing and exporting on metal raw material(Lead ingot,Aluminum ingot,Copper ingot)and mineral products(Coal, Quartz sand), garment manufacturing and Camping products,bags and luggage products, shoes manufacturing, and patent(intellectual property). The import and export trading mainly carried out in the following countries(Korea, Canada, ASEAN countries). Especially focus on China-Korea trading services.
Location of ???? and targeted in exploring markets of the foreign countries, which is combined with production-based enterprise and channel-marketing-oriented type foreign trading company, which focuses on providing the agent services of marketing, importing and exportingon those above products. Aiming at the markets of foreign countries, our company dedicates in providing professional marketing raw resources, clothing, shoes, knitwear, eiderdown products and practical market channels for domestic famous manufactures, and building a trading information system of high efficiency and practices between China and foreign countries. 

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